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Chances are, there’s someone in your life with a senior’s discount card. 

Whether that person is a parent, friend, neighbour, mentor, or even yourself– Statistics Canada predicts by 2030, almost a quarter of all Canadians will be over the age of 65.

As Canada’s population ages, communities shift and new problems demand to be solved. 

We need to seriously rethink our system of care, since the burden of helping our elders falls mostly on family and neighbours. Most commonly, family members lend a hand with weekly chores like shovelling the driveway during the winter, taking out the trash on a bi-weekly basis, and cooking meals. 

But what happens to elders who lives away from family, in an empty nest?

It’s why seniors often think about moving out of their homes earlier than expected, even if they are healthy and active. It’s simple: the harder routine upkeep becomes as we grow older, the cost of expensive retirement homes becomes more reasonable. 

We have another option to propose: sharing your empty nest with a student. 

Since 1 out of 5 Canadian renters say they spend more than half of their monthly income on rent, there is a need for affordable rooms to rent.  Homesharing is not only an opportunity for additional monthly income for elderly homeowners, but it’s also a chance for companionship, mentorship, and a helping hand around the house. 

As recent graduates, we’ve experienced the challenge of searching tirelessly for affordable and ideal locations to live. The price of rent has sky-rocketed with the advent of Airbnb, since rental-property owners can make an estimated three times as much as they would through the room-renting platform than traditional renting.

Students, often low-income and indebted, are suffering the most from the lack of affordable housing. An article written in Victoria, B.C. paints a shocking story. 

“With the city’s rental vacancy rate dipping to 0.5 percent in the last year, some students are traveling further to find affordable accommodations, while others are living out of their vehicles – or just dropping out altogether.” 

Meanwhile, government reports on Social Isolation of Seniors estimate between 20 and 30 percent of adults aged 65 and older say they live in isolation, creating a dangerous sense of loneliness for senior citizens whose family members have passed away or live elsewhere.

Since launching our homesharing service, Win-Win Homesharing, we have been flooded with students eager to do common chores like vacuuming, washing dishes, laundry, cooking meals, shovelling driveways, landscaping, walking pets, and more. 

By connecting mature students with senior citizens, Win-Win Homesharing reduces the cost of living for students while offering a helping hand, companionship, and a secondary income to seniors with spare rooms to rent.

Our team is purpose-driven. We are committed to providing a housing solution that brings people together and aspires to solve more than one issue by providing a winning solution through the creation of an inclusive, intergenerational community.

We are currently opening applications for senior homeowners!

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