Why Win-Win?

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Homesharing is a modern housing solution that empowers older adults to stay in the homes they love while giving their families peace-of-mind there’s someone there to check-in on Mom or Dad.  It means reducing the cost of housekeeping while creating a second income and creating meaningful relationships with new people.  Using Win-Win Homesharing is the best way to find a partnership you can trust has been verified and the ease of having the paperwork and payments handled for you. 

What are the benefits of homesharing

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For Homeowners: Homeowners often decide to downsize from their beloved home for several to save money on the cost of housekeeping, to no longer feel like they are living in an empty nest, or to live closer to family. By sharing a home to a housemate, homeowners have someone they can call on to help around the house for free, make use of vacant rooms in their homes, and welcome a new companion into their lives.  For housemates: Homesharing is the opportunity… Read More »What are the benefits of homesharing

What is homesharing?

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In exchange for a room to rent at an affordable price, housemates will do chores such as taking out the trash or shovelling the driveway. This mutually-beneficial relationship means homeowners save money on housekeeping costs, make a new monthly income, and enjoy the company of someone they can trust. For housemates, it means saving money on rent and building a lasting friendship with someone in another generation.